TV licences for over-75s

As you will be aware, people over the age of 75 are eligible for a free TV licence, which also covers anyone they are living with. Up until 2015 the Government funded this scheme but since then the free TV licence has been the responsibility of the BBC.  It is the BBC's decision whether to continue the concession in its current form.
The Government has made it clear that it wants, and expects, the BBC to continue the concession. The BBC understood the level of commitment required when it agreed to the funding settlement and to take on responsibility for the concession in 2015.

I have made clear on a number of occasions that I believe that the BBC should fund free TV licences for over-75s into the future. Should the broadcasting service feel that this is a financial burden on them, then there are plenty of creative solutions to maximising their income, such as advertising and online streaming, and I hope that the BBC will consider these options. I would support scrapping the licence fee for everyone as every other media provider is able to provide a media service without charging users for it and the BBC need to look seriously at this.