Refugee Update

As you know the global refugee crisis has grown substantially over the past two years, and its impact in Europe – while of a significantly lesser scale than in other poorer regions - has become much more visible and horrifying. Among those people suffering these hardships and abuses are refugees who have family members in the UK – including relatives who are themselves recognised refugees, have settled status, or are British citizens. In an attempt to reach the security and comfort of these family members, some refugees are risking – and some are losing - their lives on dangerous journeys.

As a result I supported the Dubs amendments in Parliament so that refugees could be reunited with family members and I am currently working with local groups in Lewes to help support East Sussex County Council and Lewes District Council in taking in refugees locally.

Currently one of the areas that the local authorities are struggling with is the lack of suitable fostering places for unaccompanied children and there is also a shortage of interpreters and other specialised support.

If you feel that you have any skills or expertise in this area that may help then please do be in touch.

With all good wishes.