Probelm with using 'Avaaz - Send a Message'

Maria Caulfield, Member of Parliament for Lewes has received several emails from constituents using a campaign facility called 'Avaaz' or 'Send a Message'.


When these emails come through to Maria and other Members of Parliament they do not include any email addresses for the constituent, meaning Maria is unable to reply or respond to the issue they raise. They also do not include any address details for Maria to confirm people as constituents. If you are using this facility please bear this in mind as Maria is unable to get back to you and has no way of identifying you in order to contact you requesting further information.


Please contact Maria directly, either through the website or by emailing using so that Maria is able to respond to constituents and take up all of the issues raised. If you have contacted Maria through the website, that should be received correctly and if emailing Maria using the parliamentary email address, everyone should receive one Automatic reply, confirming the email has been received successfully.