Probate fees

There is currently a charge for anyone going through the probate system .

The new system will mean that any estate under £50,000 will now pay nothing and following this there will be a sliding scale of payments.


Estates from 

£50. -£300 k will pay £250

£300 - £750k will pay £750

£750 - £1 million will be £2,500

£1 million -£1.6 million will be £4000

£1.6 to £2 million will be £5000

£2 million + will be £6000 


It is right and fair that those estates of a higher value and which are more complex to assess pay higher fees.

I am happy to raise the scale of the fees with ministers but welcome exempting those estates of under £50,000 . This will benefit significantly those who have the least assets.