The UK is at the forefront of fighting global health threats, including polio. The UK has committed £1.3 billion to eradication efforts, including an additional commitment of £100 million made in 2017, which will help immunise 45 million children each year until 2020.
Today, only three countries - Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria - are not yet declared polio-free and we are closer than ever to making polio only the second human disease in history to be eradicated: in 2018 there were only 33 reported cases in just two of those countries - Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Governments of the three endemic countries have shown extraordinary commitment to polio eradication. British officials work closely with their counterparts in these three endemic countries to support their national efforts towards this cause, and it is crucial that international momentum is maintained during this last push towards eradication. 
The UK continues to be a staunch supporter of the eradication effort. Other countries must also step up and follow Britain's lead.