Plumpton Traveller Site Survey

The proposal to place the travellers site in Plumpton is completely flawed. There has been no adequate consultation with residents or businesses. This site was rejected in the past as it does not have adequate provision for the travelling community, it has no safe road access and liable to flooding during many months of the year. In addition the 19 businesses based at the Brickworks have said they will leave the village if this site is agreed which will be a loss to the main source of employment in the area. The local pub, The Plough, have also halted their expansion until the outcome of the consultation is known, again having a detrimental effect on the local economy.

Plumpton village has only just had their neighbourhood plan adopted in May of this year and were not asked to find a traveller site as part of this. Their plan prioritised their housing allocation, attracting businesses to the area and improving green infrastructure. This proposal goes against all of these.

In addition there has been no needs based assessment as to the need for extra traveller pitches in the District. Given the unauthorised encampments in the District over the summer , on only one occasion was the current provision full.

This proposal is not needs based, does not have the welfare of travellers in mind by placing them in a flood prone field with inadequate provision and has not engaged the local community in any meaningful way, going against their recently adopted neighbourhood plan. I urge the council to think again.

Details & a consultation are available here

This survey has now closed since the Council Consultation has drawn to a close. Thank you to all local residents who have taken the time to share their views with me. If you have not yet responded on this issue please do pass on any further comments to and I will bear these in mind as I continue to stand up for residents.