Off-payroll taxation

Flexible labour plays an important role in the UK economy. The option to work through an intermediary, including a company, helps support this labour market’s flexibility. While it is important that everyone pays the right amount of tax, I am pleased that the Government has recognised concerns expressed by businesses about changes to off-payroll working rules, known as IR35.

I therefore hope it comes as a reassurance that the Government is taking the concerns about IR35 seriously, and I proudly stood on a manifesto commitment to launch a review into this matter. On 7 January this year, the Treasury announced that it will be launching a review on the implementation of changes to off-payroll working rules.

As part of the review, the Government will be holding a series of roundtable talks with industry representatives and those affected by the reform. I am told that the review shall be published in February and am confident that its conclusions will have the interests of affected parties at heart. As ever, I shall be following developments on this issue closely.

While I believe it is important that everyone pays the right amount of tax, government should at the same time be on the side of entrepreneurs and businesses.