'These problems are not new!', Lewes MP takes part in NHS Debate

Attending an Opposition Day Debate labelled 'NHS and Social Care Funding', the Member of Parliament for Lewes, Maria Caulfield, who has 20 years experience of working within the NHS and continues to do so, looked to highlight that the problems being faced by the NHS are not new.

Referring to her time working in the NHS under the Labour Government, the Lewes MP pointed out that she witnessed swathes of operations being cancelled so that other areas could be prioritised in a bid to meet targets, and welcomed the current Health Secretaries focus on outcomes.  

The Sussex MP also spelt out to colleagues that although with an ageing population and growing footfall it is right that the NHS receives appropriate levels of funding to meet patient needs, it is just as important that that money is used effectively, which wasn't what she witnessed under the Labour Government. 

Taking an intervention from the MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Dr Dan Poulter, the MP for Lewes also agreed that difficulties recruiting health care staff was definitely something that needed to be tackled, particularly in the South East where rising property prices are making recruitment increasingly more difficult. 

Concluding, the Lewes MP turned to the opposition benches, saying that politicians on all sides need to look beyond political point scoring, such as this debate, and instead come together to properly asses the needs of the NHS. 

To watch Maria's full speech, please click here