Theresa May Supports Maria Caulfield In Seaford

Prime Minister Theresa May has today joined her Conservative candidate for Lewes, Maria Caulfield, for an afternoon of campaigning in Seaford.

Maria Caulfield and Conservative County Council Candidates were busy canvassing across Seaford for the day’s local elections when the Prime Minister joined them to meet with residents.

Speaking after Theresa May’s surprise visit Maria Caulfield said “I am grateful to Theresa May for coming to help in Seaford with local elections. Only Theresa May can provide the strong and stable leadership that this country needs and a vote for me locally will help to ensure that Theresa May is returned to Downing Street.”

“A vote for anyone else will bring a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. Everyone said he couldn’t win the Labour leadership at 200-1, but he did. To ensure he doesn’t beat the odds again, everyone who doesn’t want Corbyn as PM should vote Conservative.”