Seaford MP urges Town Council to look again at taking on grass verge cutting

Seaford’s MP Maria Caulfield is calling on Seaford Town Council to look again at taking on the verge cutting across the town after receiving a large number of complaints from local residents. 

A number of residents have contacted Maria Caulfield MP in desperation at the state of the grass verges which many feel are not just unsightly but unsafe. 

In March 2018, Seaford Town Council looked at taking over the service when East Sussex County Council decided to reduce the frequency of grass cuts from six times a year to two from 2018.

If Seaford Town Council took on the four cuts per year not being done by the County Council; this would cost the Town Council in excess of £13,000 per year, the equivalent of 2% increase in the Town Council tax.

Maria Caulfield MP said “In recent weeks I have had a large number of local residents contact me regarding the poor state of grass verges across Seaford, but particularly in the eastern part of the town. Some of these residents tell me that they have already had correspondence with the County Council, but the verges remain uncut. I have had reports of elderly residents falling because they can no longer see the edge of the road when they cross and school children struggling to see because the grass is so high.”

“We need to see what residents want as the two cuts a year don’t seem to be enough. Other parishes and town councils in the constituency have taken on the extra cuts and some residents want the town council to do the same in Seaford.”

East Sussex Highways has confirmed that the first cut of the year will take place in June and take approximately 10 days to complete. The second cut is due to start in September.