Protection for Bees backed by Maria Caulfield

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has backed Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s plans for neonicotinoid bans post-Brexit.

Setting out the UK’s position, Michael Gove has said the UK supports further restrictions on the use of these pesticides. Unless the scientific evidence changes, the Government will maintain these increased restrictions post-Brexit.

This follows guidance from the UK Government’s advisory body on pesticides which said scientific evidence now suggests the environmental risks posed by neonicotinoids – particularly to our bees and pollinators – are greater than previously understood, supporting the case for further restrictions.

Research estimates the value of the UK’s 1,500 species of pollinators to crops at £400-680million per year due to improved productivity.

Maria Caulfield said “I know that many people in my constituency are very concerned about bees and the use of neonicotinoids, as I regularly receive hundreds of emails on the issue.”

“It is great news that the Government, are taking action to ensure that pollinators are protected from harmful pesticides.”

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said “I have set out our vision for a Green Brexit in which environmental standards are not only maintained but enhanced.”

“I’ve always been clear I will be led by the science on this matter. The weight of evidence now shows the risks neonicotinoids pose to our environment, particularly to the bees and other pollinators which play such a key part in our £100bn food industry, is greater than previously understood. I believe this justifies further restrictions on their use. We cannot afford to put our pollinator populations at risk.”

“I recognise the impact further restrictions will have on farmers and I am keen to work with them to explore alternative approaches both now and as we design a new agricultural policy outside the European Union.”