Newhaven’s MP attends Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year launch

Maria Caulfield, MP for Newhaven, attended the Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year launch last Friday.

Mrs Caulfield was invited to attend the launch at Sainsbury’s Newhaven store. She got the opportunity to interact with members of staff, who were just as delighted to be launching the fundraising efforts, and was able to show her full support for the chosen charity.

Every year, the customers of Sainsbury’s Newhaven pick a Charity of the Year. The chosen charity is the Seahaven food bank, in partnership with SCDA. SCDA supports a large variety of local projects who work to support the most vulnerable in the area, and this includes the food bank. As Charity of the Year, Sainsbury’s will support Seahaven food bank through fundraising and promotion throughout the next year.

Following the visit, Maria said “I am delighted that Sainsbury’s, one of the nation’s most recognised brands, is so instrumental in helping people living close to their stores.

“Seahaven food bank is excellent choice for charity of the year. They work so hard in helping our most vulnerable with our basic needs, and I am sure that this partnership with a local supermarket will be incredibly beneficial over the coming year.”