MP backs new law on private parking companies to tackle local parking hot spots

Maria Caulfield MP has backed a new law that will crack down on rogue private parking companies and improve the appeals process for motorists.

Drivers are increasingly complaining of inconsistent practices, substandard signage, confusing appeals processes and intimidating payment letters. Something Maria Caulfield says is evident from frequent contact with constituents being hounded by private parking firms.

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, a Private Members Bill brought to Parliament by veteran MP Sir Greg Knight and backed by Maria Caulfield MP, has passed its last Parliamentary stage in the House of Commons and will now move on to the House of Lords.

Once approved the new law will see a single independent appeals service giving drivers handed unfair tickets the clarity and confidence in knowing where to turn to appeal.

Maria Caulfield MP said “I am contacted by many drivers every week who have been given unfair parking tickets by private parking firms, often for the most dubious of reasons. Residents do not know where to turn as poor signage often fails to provide the name of parking companies let alone contact and appeals details. We have a number of areas such as behind Laura Ashley in Lewes, where residents are receiving hefty fines for simply stopping for a couple of minutes.”

“I am backing the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill to ensure a consistent and fair approach to the private parking industry that will make appeals and complaints easier for those wrongfully given parking tickets.”