More trees needed for Seaford and Alfriston says MP in Parliament

Maria Caulfield MP has raised in Parliament the need for more trees because of felling due to elm disease that has seen trees removed in Seaford and Alfriston.


Many residents were shocked to see a large number of mature trees cut down across Seaford and Alfriston and raised the issue with Maria Caulfield MP. Following discussions with the County Council it became apparent that the trees were cut down because they had become infected with elm disease. The trees have yet to be replaced leaving large stumps lining whole roads in the towns.


In Parliament Maria Caulfield MP said “Trees are a vital tool in combating carbon emissions, but in Seaford and Alfriston in my constituency, trees are having to be cut down because of elm disease. What support can the Minister give my local council to ensure not just that those trees are replaced but that even more are planted?”


The Minister replied “As my hon. Friend knows, I am very aware of Seaford and Alfriston, and while no specific grants are currently available to replace elm in urban settings, there are opportunities for funding new planting in and around our towns and cities under the recently launched £10 million urban tree challenge fund. That fund will support the planting of at least 130,000 trees across towns and cities in England and contribute towards our manifesto commitment of planting 1 million urban trees by 2022.”


Successful applications to the urban tree challenge fund will see Government money provided to local authorities to help with urban tree planting and Maria Caulfield MP is now calling on local councils to apply to the fund to replace the lost tree and if possible go further by planting even more.


Maria Caulfield MP said “Not only are trees a vital tool in combating carbon emissions but they also add to the look of our urban streets making them look much more aesthetically pleasing. Many residents have contacted me upset about the loss of so many trees in their roads. The urban tree challenge fund will be a great opportunity for local authorities to replace those trees lost to elm disease and plant even more.”