Maria's Monthly Update - October

As we head towards Christmas, many of us will be planning our journeys to visit friends and family across the country. At the front of many of our minds will be hope that we don’t come up against too much congestion during the course of those journeys. Of course, with the large number of vehicles on our roads during that period, it is somewhat inevitable that that shall be the case. I don’t however accept that such congestion should be a regular occurrence for drivers throughout the course of their year, and as many of you that drive along the A27 will be only too aware, congestion on that particular stretch of road is all too common place.


I am therefore pleased to have been elected as the Chair of the A27 Reference Group, which includes MP’s, Council Chief Executives and County, District and Borough Council Leaders from across the County of East Sussex. As a group we remain committed to delivering improvements to this important stretch of road, which in its current form is costing the Sussex economy hundreds of millions of pounds each year.


The Reference Group, unwilling to let the issue stagnate any longer, have put a strong bid forward to Government, making the case for long-term investment into the expansion of the A27, which would result in a faster and more effective road link between Lewes and Eastbourne.


I am also delighted to report that residents now have the opportunity to take part in a consultation on how Highways England should use £75 million released by the Government to make small scale, shorter term improvements to the A27. There will be a large number of opportunities to pop-in and speak to representatives from Highways England at venues across the constituency between now and the end of November, and I would highly recommend that you pop along to feed in to this important process. The consultation closes on the 8th December.


To find the venue closest to you, please phone: 0300 123 5000.