Maria's Monthly Update - June

As June draws to a close - and hopefully with it the accompanying wet weather – all of us in the Lewes constituency look towards a very different political arena. I share the Prime Minister’s view that we, as a nation now need to come back together. Referendums are often divisive, with families and friends coming down on opposing sides of the argument. However, just as those groups will move on and realise that there are more important issues that unite them, so we must do the same as communities, and as a nation.

The EU has been the ‘big story’ for June, however, I have continued to work on issues closer to home, that will themselves have a large impact on the daily lives of many of us. The most prominent of these - putting the trains to one side, which I wrote about last month, and can be viewed on my website – is my concern relating to the non-emergency Patient Transport Service, which is being provided by Coperforma Ltd. who took over the contract in April.

I have received numerous complaints from residents across the Lewes constituency, and am concerned by the delays - sometimes leaving patients waiting up to 5 hours. As a nurse, I was all too aware of how this could have an impact upon both patients’ health, as well as creating delays within our hospitals by missed appointments. Having met with the Clinical Commissioning Group, who oversee provision, and with neighbouring MP’s, I am told improvements are underway. Those wishing to pursue claims of compensation, having made alternative transport arrangements should contact Coperforma directly, with proof of costs incurred. I hope that patients will soon be able to expect the effective and reliable service they deserve and I will work tirelessly until this is the case.