Maria Caulfield MP supports community bid for Horns Lodge Inn

Chailey MP Maria Caulfield is supporting residents in their bid to raise £300,000 to buy the Horns Lodge Inn.

The Horns Lodge Inn will be up for auction on 20th March and it is feared that developers may be wanting to buy the pub to use the land for housing. To ensure that it remains a pub for the local community Horns Lodge Chailey Ltd has been forms as a limited company to raise enough funds to buy the pub and keep it open.

Residents are hoping to raise £300,000 by selling £1 shares in the company and asking people to provide loans of a minimum of £250. Should the company fail to raise enough money to buy the pub all shares and loans will be refunded in full.

Maria Caulfield MP said “It is such a shame to think that the Horns Lodge Inn could be lost to housing development which would have a negative impact on the community in Chailey. It is great that residents are not just sitting back to allow this to happen but are taking positive action to help buy their local pub and keep it open.”

“In Westminster I am working with colleagues to help local pubs by cutting beer duty and helping with business rates, so it would be a real shame to see this pub go, I am more than happy to support Horns Lodge Chailey and would encourage those who can to look at buying shares.”

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