Maria Caulfield MP Says Better Future For New Homes With Housing Bill

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes has praised the Government’s new Housing and Planning Bill for helping to alleviate land banking and for encouraging the use of brownfield sites. The Bill is currently making its way through its Parliamentary stages and Maria is one of the MPs scrutinising the Bill, line-by-line.


The Housing and Planning Bill seeks to make two changes that will help to see more new homes built. The first is to tackle land banking where developers hold onto land with a view to realising a greater value when it is sold on, but often with no development taking place and utilising the brownfield sites that could be brought back into use for new homes. This will protect greenfield sites which are currently easy pickings for developers.

The MP also asked a Question on this matter to the Prime Minister to press the point further..

Maria said: 'It is clear that changes need to be made to our approach to land banking and brownfield sites in order to ‘unlock’ land that could be used for development. The Sussex CPRE reports that recently two sites in Newhaven for example still lay fallow even though planning permission has been agreed.



The Housing and Planning Bill on which I am working with other MPs to scrutinise, shows the way forward with Ministers making sure that land banking does not prevent homes from being built and brownfield sites show their value in providing more land for building.’