Maria Caulfield MP raises village Post Office closures in Parliament

Maria Caulfield MP has raised the issue of temporary village Post Office closures in Parliament.

Post Offices in Newick, East Dean and Alfriston have temporarily closed for lengthy periods of time meaning that residents are having to travel many miles out of their village into towns to use postal services.

In the House of Commons Maria Caulfield MP said “In many of my local towns and villages, the last bank and the last cashpoint have long gone, and the post office now provides essential services for my communities. Despite the Government investing £370 million in local post offices since 2017, post offices in East Dean, Alfriston and Newick are temporarily closed. What more can the Government do to support local community post offices across my constituency?”

Responding to Maria the Minister for Local Growth said “We absolutely support the role of rural post offices, particularly as a hub at the heart of our communities. That is why the most recent Budget cut business rates for most small post offices.”

Following the question session Maria Caulfield MP said “It is unacceptable that rural Post Offices are being temporarily closed for months on end leaving residents without any service at all. If the Post Office is not able to be re-established quickly then residents need to know so that they can look at other alternatives such as services in pubs or village halls like the Minister suggested. I want to know the views of residents in the villages on this issue, and they can take a survey on the issue here”