Maria Caulfield MP presents nurse staffing levels Bill

Maria Caulfield MP has presented a Ten-Minute Rule Motion to legislate for safe staffing levels for nurses in England.


The Ten-Minute Rule Motion, a form of Private Members Bill, was given its First Reading unopposed in the House of Commons.


There is increasing evidence that the right number of qualified nurses can improve patient outcomes in terms of mortality, morbidity and quality of care and conversely, insufficient numbers of registered nurses can have potentially life-threatening consequences for patients.


While record numbers of nurses have joined the NMC nursing register, with 8,000 more nurses and midwives now registered to work in the UK, there remains over 40,000 nursing vacancies in England. Maria Caulfield MP has brought forward the Bill to make the Government responsible for ensuring adequate nurses are available in a clinical areas across England. The Bill will also require the Government to provide adequate training for nurses throughout their career.


Maria Caulfield MP said “As a nurse an Royal College of Nursing member I spend time on wards talking to other nurses who are working full time and hear first hand the difficulties that they often face. Research has shown that having more nurses on a ward really does help patients and enables them to get better more quickly. It also alleviates pressure on nurses who work without the necessary number of colleagues to support them.”


“I would like to thank the Royal College of Nursing for their support in producing this Bill, and given the lack of opposition in its First Reading I hope that this Bill will soon be set into legislation to improve healthcare for patients and working conditions for nurses.”