Maria Caulfield MP calls for commercial sat navs for HGVs

Maria Caulfield MP has again urged the Government to mandate HGVs to use commercial Sat Navs to keep them out of narrow village lanes.

The Lewes MP has raised the issue following many incidents in villages across her rural constituency, in places such as Ditchling, Newick, and Alfriston where large HGVs have tried to navigate the narrow lanes and become stuck causing traffic jams for hours.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Too often large HGVs are being sent down narrow country lanes by their sat navs unaware that the lanes are far too narrow for them to negotiate. In extreme cases this has caused damage to properties where HGVs have forced their way through by mounting pavements or hitting walls. Commercial sat navs that know the vehicle’s size and weight can choose routes that avoid inappropriate roads and can stop this problem.”

“This is why I have called on the Government to make commercial sat navs mandatory for all HGVs. They should not be on our village lanes and I will keep the pressure on to ensure we can solve this problem.”