Maria Caulfield MP attends the Seaford and Newhaven Refill Scheme launch

Maria Caulfield, the MP for Seaford and Newhaven, attended the launch of a water bottle Refill Scheme in the towns.

Refill Seaford and Newhaven was launched on Saturday 1st September and encourages businesses to sign up to allow people to fill up their refillable water bottles in shops across the towns for free. Businesses that are signed up will get a sticker for their window to show people that they are taking part. There is also an app so that mobile phone users can see their nearest refill station on the go. Promoting the use of refillable water bottle will help to reduce reliance on single use plastic and cut waste and litter. The scheme joins the Refill Lewes scheme that was launched a couple of months ago.

Maria Caulfield MP said “A huge congratulations to Christine and her team for launch Refill Seaford and Newhaven. A reusable water bottle is an excellent way to help reduce the use of single use plastic, cutting waste and litter. However, it is important that people are able to refill these bottles when out and about as they may leave home with one but have to buy bottled water when it runs out. Now people across Newhaven and Seaford will easily be able to see where they can refill their water bottle. This is made even easier for mobile phone users using the Refill app.”

“I hope that businesses across the area will be willing to sign up to allow people to fill up for free and help reduce plastic waste.”