Maria Caulfield gives BBC interview on Parliamentary employment practices

Maria Caulfield has today spoken in response to changes to the rules for MP's who employ a spouse or family member.


The Member of Parliament for Lewes gave an interview with BBC Sussex, discussing the changes, announced this week by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. To listen to the Interview please click here.


Maria spoke on how employing her partner has benefitted her whole office and way of working. By allowing for increased security protection and longer working hours, the practice of employing a partner can bring many benefits to Members of Parliament as they carry out their varied work. This can prove good value for money for the tax payer with partners often working many additional hours during the evenings and weekends, which could be difficult for standard members of staff to do consistently.


The new changes under IPSA will mean that Members of Parliament elected in or after 2020, will not be allowed to employ a partner or family relation. The rules are unchanged for existing Members of Parliament. There are no allegations of wrong-doing made by IPSA, who have said the change is to bring Parliament in line with 'modern employment practices'.


Maria Caulfield opened the discussion on the topic, which later included comparisons with other professions, and a debate on how many people meet their future partners at work.