Lewes MP welcomes additional funding for Sussex policing

Maria Caulfield is delighted to welcome further funding for Sussex Police next year.

The Lewes MP refers to the announcement recently made by Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary. In total, an increase of £813 million will be made available to Police & Crime Commissioners across the country. There is a specific focus on tackling serious and organised crime, bringing the total to an extra £970m.

Ms Caulfield welcomes that Sussex Police could see an increase of up to £22 million. This includes a £3 million increase in grant funding, a further 2.7m for increased pension costs and flexibility to increase Council Tax by £2 a month which could raise up to £16 million.

Following the announcement, Maria said, “at a time when violent crime is on the increase, it is right that our local police services have access to more money to keep Sussex safe.”

“I welcome that the Government have put more power in the hands of our elected PCCs. As well as setting aside this money, the Government have encouraged the employment of more detectives and the use of technology to help tackle violent and serious crime. I look forward to seeing Sussex Police putting the available funding to good use and for the benefit of all Sussex residents.”