Lewes MP backs Priory girls’ skirt choice

Maria Caulfield MP has backed girls from Lewes Priory School and their parents after the pupils were kept out of school by police for wearing skirts.


The school has recently decided to opt for a ‘gender neutral’ uniform forcing all pupils to wear trousers, stating that anyone not wearing trousers would be sent home to change. A protest was held outside of Priory school on 6th September by pupils and parents that saw girls wearing skirts kept out of school by police officers.


Maria Caulfield MP has given her support to the school girls and their parents in their fight to have the choice of uniform, allowing the girls to get on with their education.


The Lewes MP said “The Government is spending money across the developing world to ensure that girls have access to an education. But here in Lewes, Priory School and unbelievably the Police, are stopping girls from entering school because they are wearing skirts. This is an absurd waste of school and police resources, and it is political correctness gone mad. Pupils should have a choice to wear trousers or skirts, and be allowed to get on with their education which is so important.”


“I am successfully arguing the case in Westminster for local police and schools to get extra funding, but residents will be shocked to see that this funding is being used to stop girls from going to school for wearing skirts. I would urge Lewes Priory School to allow the girls to return to school and to not involve the police in any future attempts to keep pupils out of school.”