Fight against Plumpton traveller site not over says Lewes MP

Following Lewes District Council’s approval of their Local Plan Part 2 Maria Caulfield MP has vowed to continue the campaign against a permanent traveller site in the village of Plumpton, on a site twice previous rejected for development.

Since the announcement of the proposed traveller sight Maria Caulfield MP has surveyed residents on the issue, held a public meeting in the village, met with local businesses at The Old Brickworks, lobbied the Leader of Lewes District Council and other local Councillors as well as writing to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government calling on him to reject the plan. Maria Caulfield’s Plumpton Traveller Site Survey received well over 200 responses in a village of around 400 with nearly 95% of people being against the proposal.

Maria Caulfield has vowed to continue to fight the plans for the sight which will be unsuitable for future occupants as well as local residents and business. The land is prone to flooding because of a stream on its Southern boundary, there is no road access to the sight which will need to be created and will join a national speed limit road, there is a lack of infrastructure in the village to support the site, and local businesses at the adjacent Old Brickworks have stated they may leave the village if the site goes ahead.

Plumpton MP Maria Caulfield said “Despite this set back we are still a long way from spades in the ground and I intend to keep it that way. The Local Plan Part 2 needs approval from the Secretary of State, the Council will need to buy the land with Government funding, and then the site would need planning permission. I intend to keep up the pressure on behalf of local residents who have overwhelmingly given me their views on this issue, and will fight these plans at every stage.”

“I have written to the Secretary of State setting out my objections to the proposals and have called on him to reject the Lewes District Local Plan Part 2. I will also be seeking to meet with him as soon as possible to put across the strength of feeling in Plumpton over this issue. Many other sites were previously considered and have more merits than this site in Plumpton. I will do all that I can to prevent development on this site in Plumpton.”