Caulfield co-signs letter in support of our pubs

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, has signed a letter as part of a campaign to cut beer duty.

Ms Caulfield, who is a member of CAMRA, Campaign for Real Ale, and the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, has called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to remove the RPI inflationary increases in beer duty, and to cut beer duty in the Autumn Budget later this month.

As outlined in the letter, pubs provide £23 billion to the UK economy and support 900,000 jobs. Since 2013, the Government has taken more serious action to support pubs and has so far saved 20,000 jobs, in contrast with the loss of 58,000 jobs between 2008-13.

“Last year we had the welcome announcement that beer duty would be frozen. However we would like to go even further this year and cut the duty. Pubs are very much the heart of the community, yet sadly too many are being forced to close, and the Government’s assistance to incentivise the industry has been much needed over the last few years.

“The area has some fantastic pubs and breweries, including Harvey’s and Long Man, and we must continue support this industry. This is why I hope the Chancellor listens to our concerns and acts in the interest of our communities by supporting local pubs and breweries.”