I am pleased with the progress we have made since 2010 to encourage more cycling and walking. Spending per head on cycling and walking has more than trebled since 2010, and about £2 billion is now being invested in cycling and walking over the current Parliament. This is through the Government's Cycling and Walking Investment strategy, and through additional investments by local councils and metro mayors.

I want to see walking and cycling become the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey. I welcome that to support local bodies that are interested in increasing cycling and walking in their local areas, the Government has published guidance on the preparation of LCWIPs. The guidance will enable local bodies to take a more strategic approach to improving conditions for cycling and walking.

The Department for Transport is also providing a £2 million package of technical and strategic support to 46 local authorities to assist with the preparation of LCWIPs.

I am encouraged that Cycle Lewes have developed a Cycling Strategy for the town. I believe such a strategy would be of significant benefit to our local area.

It is ultimately for local authorities to identify and prioritise investment for cycling and walking schemes from local funds and relevant national funding streams. Further funding opportunities are available through a range of recently-launched place based funds, including the Transforming Cities Fund, Future High Streets Fund, Housing Infrastructure Fund and the Clean Air Fund.