I fully support the UK's long-standing position that it is for India and Pakistan to find a lasting political resolution, taking into account the wishes of the Kashmiri people. It is not for the UK to prescribe a solution or act as a mediator.
The Foreign Secretary has spoken to the Indian Foreign Minister about the situation in Kashmir. I am glad he expressed concerns and called for calm, but also had a clear readout of the situation from the perspective of the Indian government.

India and Pakistan are close and long-standing friends of the UK. The UK's bilateral ties with both countries are long and deep, and they are bolstered by the UK's large Indian and Pakistani diaspora communities, which are also deeply concerned by the situation. I would join the UK Government in encouraging both countries to find diplomatic solutions to the underlying causes of conflict.

Dialogue is an important confidence-building mechanism, even though I recognise the complexities involved. However, I can assure you that the UK Government has worked and continues to work tirelessly through all diplomatic channels to encourage further de-escalation and to ensure long-term regional stability. The UK Government does this alongside international partners and with a wide range of counterparts in India and Pakistan.

I will continue to follow developments closely, and I expect India and Pakistan to focus on securing longer-term regional stability and security.