Inhumane Slaughter

I am writing to update you upon the Government’s stance on inhumane slaughter.

I share your concern over the reports about this event and I firmly support the Government's commitment to the highest standard of animal welfare. I think it is only right that as well as promoting animal welfare in this country, we also engage with other countries to encourage high standards internationally.  If there is evidence of abuse in slaughter houses, in this country, I would be very happy to raise this with ministers and as it would be a criminal offence I would urge people to contact the police if they have evidence.
We engage directly with countries within the European Union and elsewhere, and also as part of global forums such as the World Organisation for Animal Health. Ministers are also committed to working to promote the conservation of wild animals worldwide.
Unfortunately, and as you will hopefully appreciate, the UK Government cannot intervene directly in the protection of animals overseas. As such, where people have specific concerns about animals being mistreated in another country, I would encourage them to raise the matter with that country's authorities via their embassy.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.