Harry Dunn

As the Foreign Secretary said in his statement to the House on 21 October, our hearts go out to the family and the UK will do everything it properly can to clear the path so that they can get justice. The Foreign Secretary told the family in person that he would support them as much as possible and they should not hesitate to get in touch if needed.

The Foreign Secretary has also confirmed that he has commissioned a review of the immunity arrangements for US personnel and their families at the Crougton Annex, holding privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention.
The individual concerned was covered by diplomatic immunity while she was in the UK under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. That is why the Government requested that the US waive her immunity on multiple occasions. The Government deems that immunity ended when she returned to the US, and the US Government has now also informed the Government that immunity is no longer pertinent. The investigation rests with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

At this tragic time for the Dunn family, I understand the Government is continuing to press the US authorities for the suspect's cooperation and doing all that it can to support the family, police and Crown Prosecution Service in achieving justice for Harry.