Eye care

Please allow me to reassure you that securing early diagnosis of poor eye health, as well as supporting those who develop visual impairments, remain key priorities of the NHS.
To ensure early diagnosis of eye disease, it is important that people are encouraged to get their eyes tested on a regular basis, with clinical advice stating that most people should get their eyes tested every two years. Free NHS eye tests are available for those diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma and those aged 60 or over. This helps to encourage people at particular risk of developing eye disease to have their condition checked regularly. With the latest figures showing an almost 10 per cent increase in the number of sight tests carried out since 2010, I take some heart from the progress being made.
I also welcome the broad range of support available for those diagnosed with visual impairments. Many hospitals have Eye Clinic Liaison Officers, or similar early intervention support staff, who provide the practical support which patients need following their diagnosis, including advice on how to deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence.