I know that DPRD is a very distressing condition, both for those who suffer with it and those around them. My understanding is that many people may experience some form of dissociation during their lifetime, causing them to feel detached from their body or feel that the world around them is unreal. However, I also know that the condition is difficult to diagnose, partially because the experience differs between individuals, meaning that many patients experience misdiagnosis.

Access to mental health services is crucial for conditions like DPRD, which is why I am pleased that an additional £2.3 billion funding will be provided, with a particular focus on children's and young people's mental health, giving 345,000 more children mental health support and giving more adults access to talking therapies. This is significant because I understand that symptoms of DPRD usually begin in the mid- to late- teens or early adulthood. Mental health services are receiving the largest uplift from the £20.5 billion NHS budget increase delivered through the NHS Long Term Plan.

I hope that this additional funding provides some reassurance that accurate mental health diagnosis and comprehensive care is a priority for the NHS. I am pleased to see that you are seeking to raise the profile of the condition, and I commend your steps to do so.