Climate change

Climate change is a priority for me and I am proud that in the last parliament I voted against fracking and voted to make the UK the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency and set a net zero carbon emissions target. 

I am sure you are pleased to hear the UK is once again leading the way in tackling climate change. I was proud to vote, in the last Parliament, to make the UK the first country to set net zero carbon emissions into law and I was pleased to be part of a group of MPs who lobbied the Prime Minister to ban fracking, which has now happened.

2019 was a real year of progress as the first time ever, more power came from renewable sources than from fossil fuels for a full 12 months during 2019.

Figures released by the National Grid show wind farms, hydro plants, solar and nuclear energy - alongside clean power imported by sub-sea cables - delivered 48.5% of Britain's electricity in 2019.

That compares to 43% generated by fossil fuels. The remaining 8.5% was generated by biomass, which is renewable but produces carbon emissions when the wood pellets used to make the power are burned. There are more projects in the pipeline including a cable under the North Sea to connect the UK with Norway in order to harness hydro power being generated there. It is one of six so-called "interconnectors" - cables between European countries and Britain.

In terms of transport , car vehicles will be moving to all electric production over the next few years and so car use will become a much less damaging mode of transport going forward. Once the technology is expanded this will apply to lorries and other forms of motorised vehicles currently using fossil fuel.

There is so much progress being made that the next few months will transform our progress in reducing our carbon emissions to zero. I hope that you will welcome this news.