Better Road and Rail Services

The road and rail infrastructure in the constituency is sadly lacking, and this is not only making life difficult for ordinary residents but it is estimated that it adversely affects local businesses - costing the Sussex economy around £2 billion a year.

I am campaigning for better, faster and cheaper rail links to and from London and across all parts of the constituency and I am supporting the Brighton Main Line 2 (BML2) campaign which will see the reopening of the Lewes to Uckfield Rail line.

I'm also supporting the expansion of the A27 to make all parts of the road dual carriageway so that we have a fast and effective road link linking Lewes to Eastbourne. For those of you who use this road daily you will know exactly why this is needed.

I am also working hard for villages such as Ditchling and Alfriston which are currently used as rat runs to avoid the clogged main routes and as a result these small villages are suffering  from traffic congestion and pollution.