Better Health Services

As a nurse I am passionate about not only protecting NHS services but also improving them for local residents.

The consituency is in an unusual position when it comes to the provision of hospital care as most people have to travel outside the constituency to access hospital services. If you live in Lewes town or Falmer and Kingston you will often use the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton whereas if you live in Ditchling you are more likely to use the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath and in Seaford, Polegate and East Dean you are more than likely to be seen in Eastbourne.

These variances mean it is important that a Sussex wide view is taken on any health care changes but more often than not because major treatment centres are not located within the constituency, residents of Lewes are often left out of the decision making process. This is something I would like to see change.

A good example of this is the downgrading of Eastbourne District General Hospital where the main focus of the campaign to save the DGH has been on the impact on residents in Eastbourne but actually if you talk to people in Polegate, Seaford, Alfriston or East Dean the impact of any downgrade actually hits them harder as they will have further to travel to Hastings if the DGH is downgraded. My role is to make sure their voice is heard too.