Brexit: Immigration Bill

As you know, the Bill will soon be having its Third Reading. The aim of the Bill is simply to end freedom of movement and it does not dictate our future immigration policy, which will be decided at a later date using further legislation.

Our new immigration system will prioritise the skills that the UK needs, giving opportunities to people all over the world to come and live and work here. The skills criteria and wage levels for migrants hasn’t yet to be decided and media reports are premature as to the salary levels that will be required for migrants wishing to move to the UK.

Indefinite detention: As a member of the Bill Committee, I know that this specific issue was debated at the Committee Stage of the Bill. At present, it looks like the amendment will probably be accepted at the Third Reading, which is due to take place in the coming weeks, and therefore should pass into law. We should then have a time limit on immigration detention.