Autism is a complex condition which affects many people in very different ways. In recent times, great progress has been made in improving our understanding of autism. However, I believe there is much more work to be done, and I am pleased to see that there are efforts being made across government and throughout society to support those with autism.
I am pleased to say that my ministerial colleagues are continuing to build on the advances made since the establishment of the Autism Act in 2009. 
I welcome the recent announcement that the National Autism Strategy, first established in 2010, will be reviewed, and is currently undergoing consultation. My colleagues in the Department of Health and Social Care have requested that autistic people of all ages, their families, their carers, and organisations and professionals that provide care and support to autistic people or work with autistic people submit evidence - you can find more information by following the link below: 
Separately, there is also a consultation ongoing around the training and development staff need to better support people with a learning disability or autistic people. You can participate in this consultation by clicking on the link below - please be aware that the deadline is 12.04.19: 
These consultations will help to ensure that the people are receiving the care that they should be, and that this care is properly implemented throughout the health and care workforce. 

I have done a lot of work with the All Party Parliamentary Group on autism, including having co-chaired an inquiry into the educational experience of children with autism, which included the release of a report titled ‘Autism and education in England 2017’.