20 Days To Go: Expenses Promises Kept

As Part of her top 24 achievements as an MP for 24 Months across 24 days before the General Election Maria Caulfield’s number 20 is keeping her promise to not claim expenses for a second home or travel between Westminster and Lewes.

When first elected in 2015 Maria Caulfield, who is standing again as Theresa May’s candidate in Lewes, promised not to claim expenses for travel to London or for a second home, and has kept this promise during her two years as an MP.

Maria Caulfield explained “Many local people commute to London paying for it out of their own pocket. I thought it unfair to commute or live in London at the expense of hard-working taxpayers and therefore pay for my own commute just like everyone else.”

“My Lib Dem predecessor claimed tens of thousands of pounds for travel and accommodation during his 18 years as an MP including train fares of a few pounds between Seaford and Newhaven. If re-elected I promise to continue to be prudent with taxpayers’ money only claiming for the essentials of running my office and providing a service to you.”